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We make subtitles in english, french and italian. We can transcribe the script, we can translate it (from english and french to italian, and from italian to english and french) and make the subtitles for your video.


Here our rates or write to us.

Some example:

AutoreTitoloLavoro svoltoVideo
Daniel AlgrantIMdb"Greetings from Tim Buckley"Evento a MestreCuratore sottotitoli (revisione traduzione e sincronizzazione)Dopo la selezione al Toronto Film Festival, anteprima europea a Mestre (17 maggio 2013)
Davide Mogna, "Bulli a metà"La vicenda segue due ragazzi, Michele e Edoardo, che amano fare i bulli, ma..Traduttore (it > fr) e sottotitolatore (fr e en)Vai al sito
The Cure"Pictures of you"Revisore (it)Guarda il video
Richard PrestonSugli alberi gigantiRevisore (it)Guarda il video
Iain HutchisonSalvare le facceTraduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
Corneille EwangoEroe della foresta del CongoTraduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
Faith Jedege "Quello che ho imparato dai miei fratelli autistici"Revisore (it)Guarda il video
Barbara NSE"Ora o mai"Sottotitolatore (en)Guarda il video
Max Boublil"J'entends rien"Traduttore (fr > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
Michael HansmeyerCostruire forme inimmaginabiliRevisore (fr)Guarda il video
Vinay VenkatramanArtigianato tecnologicoTraduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
Crank Tank StudiosTrailer del film-documentario "Sto bene, grazie!"Traduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il trailer
OSEAEnergie rinnovabiliTraduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
Aleli AlcalaVincitore del Tech Awards 2011Traduttore (en > it) e sottotitolatoreGuarda il video
RihannaDiamondsTraduttore (en > it)Guarda il video


Aleli Alcala is Development Director at PCF (Participatory Culture Foundation).  For further informations                            →     linkedin.

Barbara NSE, writer of a new and erotic introspective literary genre           →        official site.

Beyoncé: everybody knows her. But    →        official site, with her personal message and have a look to the World Humanitarian Day.

Max Boublil is a French comic actor and singer. He realize some funny videos and songs…      →        official site.

Corneille Ewango is a Congolese environmentalist, responsable of the Okapi Faunal Reserve’s botaby program in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was awarded the Goldman Environmental (2005).  For further informations                            →              wikipedia (en)            →      National Geographic.

Crank Tank Studios is a crew of 5 cris-crosses the United States interviewing peolpe about American Dream.  For further informations                            →     them project on kickstarter         →       official site.

The Cure has not need to be introduced (I hope so!). Neverthless, have a look at them      →        official site.

Michael Hansmeyer is a postmodern architect who writes algorithms that design outrageously fascinating shapes and forms with millions of facets.  For further informations                            →     wikipedia (en)       →       official site.

Iain Hutchison has been Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon St Bartholomew’s, The Royal London Hospital & Homerton Hospitals since 1989. He founded the United Kingdom Oral Cancer Research Group. For further informations                            →     short CV       →       Saving faces.

Faith Jedege is a writer and in this video she tells her story of growing up with two brothers – both autistic and extraordinary.                     →       blog.

Osea is a canadian organization inspiring to improve the environment and the economy by producing clean and renewable energy. For further informations                   →     site.

Richard Preston is a writer and a journalist.  For further informations                            →     wikipedia (en)       →       official site.

Rihanna is simply Rihanna: Diamonds.

Vinay Venkatraman is an indian designer and a un cofounder of the Copenaghen Institute of Interactive Design (CIID).  For further informations                            →     ted.

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